The Hair

This, my friends, is the most important part. What makes someone an artist? It is, of course, the hair. 

For me, that means making sure to have at least one (1) hair down, obstructing an otherwise neat hairstyle, indicating that I am, in fact, a passionate artist.

For the disheveled variant of the artist look, I make sure to have a second tuft of hair down or out, mimicking a chaotic (but controlled) bed-head.

It's all about the placement.


The Coffee

An artist always has coffee, but for the disheveled look, I always go with portable Dixie™ Cup. 

Just as effective as a stainless steel travel mug, but shows that you didn't have as much time that morning to finesse the coffee presentation. 


The Manhattan

Every refined artist has their drink of choice. For me, it's the Manhattan - the sweeter sibling of the Martini. 

Setting yourself up for the Disheveled Look™ starts the night before by drinking one-too-many Manhattans. For this, just drink as many as you deem appropriate, then have another, on me.

Stay disheveled, my friends.
— Chase Costner