Reflections on Hive Tracks and Bee Informed Partnership ethics case study / by Chase Costner

I thought the HiveTracks presentation was pretty interesting. I’m familiar with the software and have been to several talks on beekeeping over the years, but I’d never thought about the intricacies of how user data is handled. The privacy policy is easy to understand, and it’s good to know that location information isn’t shared by default - in fact, that’s one of the main points on the home page, so I’m glad there’s been some attention to privacy. I wasn't aware that HiveTracks works with the Bee Informed Partnership, but I think it’s pretty awesome to use the data for good instead of just for marketing purposes.

The discussion on intellectual property was also interesting. Since most code I write is for academic purposes, I rarely think about the business and legal aspects of creating software with a partner in a corporate setting. Overall, it was cool to get some insight into the thoughts behind a software company.