Reflections on Privacy discussions: TED Talk and/or Privacy Policies / by Chase Costner

The TED talk was fascinating, especially the part about creating dynamic ads that mimic the faces of people you know. It was a little dated, but I think that made it more alarming because now we can see that we’re actually headed in that direction. Personally, I’m okay with targeted ads because I would prefer to see things that are at least relevant to me, and every now and then I’m served something of interest. I do think there should be a limit, though, because the data could likely be used for wrongdoing in the event that it’s compromised.

I’m not surprised that most of the privacy policies we looked at were similar, especially for the social networks. I’m able to use Instagram and Twitter for free and I enjoy them, so I’m not against letting them make a little money off of their users. Also, most of the policies seemed easy to understand. As privacy becomes more and more of a concern, I’m glad that tech companies are starting to open up about their practices, but I think there’s still a lot of room to grow - especially when it comes to sharing data with 3rd parties.