Reflections on The Last Lecture / by Chase Costner

The Last Lecture was charming and inspiring, and I enjoyed every minute of it. My greatest takeaways were the things he said that involved relationships with other people and handling criticism. I’ve had opportunities over the last few years that I never dreamed would happen so soon thanks to my mentors and peers. This talk really resonated with me because I see some parallels between Randy’s experiences and my own.

One of the quotes I found most helpful was the part about how “only one person is touching the football.” I often forget to focus on the fundamentals of whatever field I’m working in, and I should start focusing on every step of the process because they’re all important in different ways. I also appreciate his stance on brick walls and how they exist to prove someone’s dedication, because I think that’s true. While watching, I made a list of some of my favorite quotes and pieces of advices that I’m sure I’ll be revisiting often.