Reflection on "What Did You Find?" Assignment / by Chase Costner

I was a little surprised with how easy it was to find personal information about Austin. Of course, I expected to find things like hobbies/interests/activities on social media, or possibly through local newspaper articles, but I wasn’t expecting to find things like addresses, phone numbers, height/weight, and contact info. A simple google search of his full name revealed his voter registration, which is where I found his address. I figured I’d have to pay through a service to access this info, which is something several classmates mentioned facing.

Austin found most data on me that I expected, since I’m pretty open with my online presence. I go by my middle name, though, which made it take a little more digging to find my full name and access my voter registration to get my address. I’d be interested in finding a way to hide this. Overall, it’s surprising what a simple google search can reveal.