Reflections on CitizenFour / by Chase Costner

I really enjoyed the CitizenFour documentary because I had no idea this footage existed, and it was a fascinating look into how the events actually unfolded. Journalism interests me, so I liked the parts where they discuss what/when/how to release each story. I knew about the articles before watching the documentary, so that was nothing new, but I wasn’t aware of Snowden’s relationship to the reporters or the events that unfolded once he left Hong Kong. I’m glad they had discussions around journalistic integrity and about how they went about minimizing harm to individuals like Snowden’s family or undercover agents.

When the events initially happened, I had a relatively negative view of Snowden because he was branded as a “traitor.” This documentary humanizes him, though, and I think he makes his case pretty well. He took a delicate and thought-out approach to the situation, which is better than someone haphazardly leaking everything for malicious purposes. Everything he did started a discussion that needed to take place, and I have a more positive view of him after watching this documentary.