Final Blog Post / by Chase Costner

One of the greatest things I learned this semester is that it’s important to build relationships with people even if they aren't in your direct field. You never know who you’re going to meet or who they could introduce you to, so it helps to get out there and share what you’re working on.

Another important thing, from the ethical discussions, is that you should never use someone as a means to an end. Building relationships with others should be authentic and beneficial for both parties - that’s what life’s all about.

The last thing is that no online services are truly free. You always have to give something up, whether it’s money for a subscription or personal data that could be sold for marketing purposes. There’s always a cost.

I would advise future students to stay on top of assignments, even if they don’t have due dates. I kept a pretty good schedule, and things go much more smoothly if you’re not scrambling to finish everything at the end of the semester.